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Connie Howell

Connie Howell

genres: Spritualism, Healing, Mediumship

Connie Howell lives in the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia with her husband, Walter. She is an author and mentor. Her great love is to disseminate spiritual truth to those willing and able to hear it.

Connie spent many years studying and experiencing techniques in body work and energy healing which she then offered in private practice. She also gained experience as a counsellor and welfare worker before venturing into alternative methods of helping clients such as hypnotherapy, colour therapy and shamanic healing.

At the age of 28 she experienced a spiritual awakening and found that she had clairvoyant and mediumistic abilities. For a time she gave clairvoyant readings but found that she wanted to empower people to find their own answers and insights, which she now does through her books and private coaching consultations.

Books by Connie Howell

Walking Between Two Worlds: From the known to the unknown

Walking Between Two Worlds: From the known to the unknown The MoshShop
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